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Watch as Dr. Ben Witherington III kicks off the Bible Conference at Christ UMC in Mobile, AL.


AWFC Staff Parish/Pastor Parish Relations Committee Training:
Bishop David Graves, resident bishop of the Alabama-West Florida Conference, shares his experience as a former district superintendent in the video below on how to prepare and train Staff Parish Relations (SPR) and Pastor Parish Relations (PPR) committees in the new year.

Staff Parish Relations (SPR) Training Video Handouts:
Click HERE to access the handouts that are mentioned in Bishop Graves' SPR/PPR Training Video above. 


The link below is a great illustration in terms of synchronization, timing, and alignment.  In the Church, we need all these things to be fruitful in ministry.  Also, these 3 things being in place help prevent problems and confusion when ministries are being established or carried out.  Communication and alignment help ministries coordinate and complement each other.  Use this to talk to your ministry lead teams and to have conversation about how one ministry helps to feed and strengthen another.


This is a great resource for personal study, small groups, or new member/Confirmation classes.

Here is an example of one session by Dr. Robert Stamps on Evangelism that I found helpful and inspiring.  This link will lead you to the Seven Minute Seminary on YouTube (which is a free resource).

Spiritual Gifts Assessment Online from


The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection Leadership Institute Links:

Willow Creek Leader Resources Link:


The John Maxwell Company provides helpful information in several areas, including self development, team building, resources, and a blog.  I find it interesting and informative.  I’m posting the link below for you to investigate this resource.  

The Lewis Center for Church Leadership is a great resource for pastors and staff persons (lay or clergy) that lead others in ministry.  Dr. Lovett Weems is provides a wealth of helpful information in terms of developing leaders.  The link below will take you to the Website, where you will find informative and inspiring articles to equip you and others to become even more effective leaders.              

The Lewis Center for Church Leadership seeks to advance the understanding of Christian leadership and promote the effective and faithful practice of Christian leadership in the church and the world. The center is building a new vision for church leadership grounded in faith, informed by knowledge, and exercised in effective practice. The center seeks a holistic understanding of leadership that brings together theology and management, scholarship and practice, research and application. The Lewis Center serves as a resource for clergy and lay leaders, congregations, and denominational leaders. Through teaching, research, publications, and resources, the Lewis Center supports visionary spiritual leaders and addresses those key leadership issues so crucial to the church's faithful witness.

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